Tuesday, March 22, 2016

       Paschim Sridhrakathi Janakalyan Sanghya of  Jogeshgunj, Hingalgunj Block , North 24 Parganas , WB , India has organized a  fair on 18th March to 21st March 2016 at Jogeshgunj at the remotest corner of West Bengal in Sundarban to showcase folk rice seeds, folk vegetables and items made from rice. There were enthusiasm among the farmers of that area, women  SHG group were very keen to participate in the programme. I have not seen such a spontaneous participation from people. Though the capacity of the organization is small but their sincere effort made it a successful one.
     There were 159 rice products. Rice flour was used to fry different edible leafy vegetables and sweets. Farmers were asked to bring at least three folk rice seeds; but on an average each farmer showed more than 20 folk rice seeds and 121 farmers displayed their seeds.
 There were more than 78 types of  seeds  of different vegetables along with live exhibits.